Hailing from London, Ontario, Pacanomad are a charismatic and eclectic Indie Rock/Alt Soul band that blurs the lines between the grit of Alabama Shakes and the passionate storytelling of Amy Winehouse.

The band strikes for a direct and dynamic approach, as shown on their 2014 debut EP. Their songs bridge the gaps between the timeless sonic aesthetics of the golden age of R&B, still bringing a modern outlook to this classic genre.

Their latest album, "Take It Slow", conjures up images of smoke-filled clubs reached through back alleys and down steps.  It speaks of mysterious acquaintances and moments of flinging caution to the wind.  It becons us to temptation and abandon.  Chantel Rivard's magnificent voice haunts, attracts, and ties everything together.

Chantel Rivard: Vocals

Dave Ball: Bass

Zack Stewart: Drums

Nick Cifaldi: Guitar